On 06/18/2013 I bought a 1999 Jaguar XK8 from you guys, the same week the car presented an engine problem and an engine message was displayed on the dash, I call you guys and they took the car for repairs the same month, after one week you returned an allegedly fixed car with a "new" car battery; After three more week and only 200 extra miles the same engine problem appears. Obviously you did not fixed the problem, after a great frustration with the car purchase, I took the Car to the Orlando authorized Jaguar dealer where they changed the "throttle" and fixed the problem ones and for all, but charged me $3,000.00.

I send an e-mail to Mr.

Alex Spano's asking help in the payment of the Jaguar repairs, after three weeks a Spano's manager call me asking me to send the repairs bill, what I did with negative results until now.

I thought The Spano's Motor dealer was more professional and reliable, but obviously, is not. Beware when you buy a car at this car dealer.

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